Win a FREE IncomeShops Store today!

Use our scratchcard below and see if you have won todays prize!


Terms and Conditions


If you are lucky enough to win this prize, you will be given a coupon code to use at the checkout. Simply go and buy any shop, either ready made or custom, and we will give you one of equal value free of charge within 72 hours of your purchase! If you want, you can also use this code to buy a store with graphics and get another store of the same value with graphics for free too.

To use your code:
1) Buy a store (with or without graphics)
2) Enter the voucher code at the checkout
3) Once your order is received, we will contact you within 72 hours!


This code gives you 50% off our graphic design package when you buy a ready made or custom store on any plan. You'll get a unique web-site design, a custom logo and selection of banners - all for half the usual cost!

To use your code:
1) Buy ONE ready made or custom store
2) Add the graphic package to your basket on the Shopping Cart
3) Enter the voucher code at the checkout and we will automatically deduct 50% off your graphics!


This allows you to have one free years subscription to a plus package store. After this time you will be charged at the normal rate. You can have a custom or ready made store and to claim your store, simply contact us with the winning code and let us know what store you would like.

To use your code:
1) Note down the code
2) Contact us and we'll give you your store Simple!