Can you start a business for less than a cup of coffee a day?

Every year, millions of people around the world start new businesses making and selling all kinds of products.  Everything from handcrafted jewelry, apparel, gift items, décor, sports equipment and much more are sold through new businesses that are formed every day.  Many of these businesses however, don’t make any of their own products at all, choosing instead to bring to market a variety of products created by third party manufacturers or suppliers.  Some of these stores make amazing profits giving their owners not only the satisfaction of success, but new forms of independence as well. 

Regardless of their specialty, most businesses require significant capital to launch.  When you consider it, there are many costs that a new business typically incurs.  Inc. Magazine showed an example of a consignment store specializing in children’s clothing, toys and accessories that incurred almost $22,000 (~£14,000) in startup costs.  The tally included:

  • Rent and Operating Expenses: $4,889 (£3259)
  • Location Improvement Costs: $7,650 (£5100)
  • Miscellaneous Operating Expenses: $1,560 (£1040)
  • IT Costs: $6,165 (£4110)
  • PR Costs: $1,670 (£1113)

Total of Start-up Costs: $21,934 (£14,622)

For most people the kind of investment contemplated in starting a retail store is a significant amount of capital, making the prospect of starting a business of this kind an unattainable objective.  It is further compounded by the realities of self-employment.  Striking out to start a business requires a serious evaluation of the investment in time and effort required to achieve acceptable levels of success.  It is worth stating that no matter what the business, significant investments in time and effort are an absolute reality.  IncomeShops stores are no different.  However, we can get anyone started in an affiliate business of their own for less than a cup of coffee a day. 

Affiliate stores represent a legitimate alternative for anyone looking to start a business on a limited budget.  IncomeShops stores start at $29.95 a month (£19.95 in the UK), a price that virtually anyone can afford especially when you consider that it works out to an average cost of less than a cup of coffee per day.  While these stores can generate reasonable supplemental income for individuals, organisations with existing websites and a following can do even better. Churches, clubs, sports teams, schools, not-for-profits and aid organizations can all leverage IncomeShops affiliate stores to further monetize traffic to existing websites or expand service to members.  Considering the low startup costs, the capital investment is considerably less than it would be for most traditional businesses, and for the right person or organization, well worth risk.