A Useful Checklist When Starting an IncomeShops Business

(or any business for that matter)


When starting a business, there are a lot of things you should consider.  An IncomeShops business is no different.  Here at IncomeShops, we have been working hard to deliver a realistic and achievable roadmap to affiliate store success for our subscribers.  If you are contemplating starting an IncomeShops business, please consider the following:


Finances – businesses cost money before they make money.  It’s just the way things are except in extremely rare situations.  Make sure you do a business plan that projects the costs of running your business and expected profits.  Typical costs to consider include computer and IT (e.g. monthly internet charges, computer equipment), marketing and promotion, and operating costs such as office supplies etc.  It makes a lot of sense to jot down all the one-time costs and on-going costs you expect to incur, then, remove anything you believe you can postpone or eliminate.  The bottom line is to make sure you have staying power until regular sales start coming in.


Who’s got your back? – many startups are founded by single individuals with little assistance or help.  Illness, emergencies, unexpected interruptions, etc. all make a business’s reliance on a single individual risky.  It is not a bad idea to get friends or family you can trust to be “on board” by volunteering time to help.  If ever you call on them, be sure to have some mechanism to show your appreciation.  A card, or note simply stating “I really appreciate your help while I was ill.  You were kind enough to volunteer your time for free; thanks for being such a good friend!” 


Your Domain Name – While the list of available domain names dwindle in the thousands with each passing minute, this does not mean you should be careless about creating a domain name that will resonate with your customers.  There are many free online domain name generators that you may wish to checkout like freedomaingenerator.com and nameboy.com.  While we do not endorse these sites, you may want to evaluate them yourself.  Once you find a domain name you like, make sure you register it as well.  Most domain name registrars like Godaddy offer email addresses as well.  We strongly recommend you use your domain name email as opposed to free email addresses (e.g. gmail, yahoo etc.) because it makes your company and business look more professional.


Choose a business name – We strongly recommend that IncomeShops customers adopt a business name that will resonate with their customers.   Your business name does not necessarily have to be the same as your store, so while your store may be called “the-worlds-most-awesome-gift-shop.com” (which is a fictitious name), your business can be called “The Johanssen Gift Company”.  Treating your store like a real business greatly increases your chances of success.


Get a social media profile started as soon as possible – Social media profiles on Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter is a must in today’s world to promote and market your website.  We recommend our customers get set up on these sites to promote and market their stores.


Jazz up your store – the basic IncomeShops store is an adequate lay out, but we strongly recommend that ALL our customers get a logo (at the very least) and graphics banners.  These will make your site unique and attractive and increase your chances of getting prospective customers to stay longer in your store.  It also makes a difference with retailers when they go to evaluate your store.


Getting business.  This is going to sound obvious, but there are a lot of our customers who miss this obvious revenue generating opportunity.  Unless your IncomeShops store is in a hyper-niche, most of the products and services available through our stores, are products our store-owners use themselves or used by their friends, colleagues and families.  This means – get everyone you know to buy their products from you.  Every IncomeShops store owner should make their first stop for shopping, their own stores.


Leverage your social and other networks – every one you know should know about your store, whether that’s via social networks, email, or otherwise, failing to promote your store is a big mistake.  Insist also that your friends pass on links to your store and frame a little intro for them to accompany such links with.  Being shy and bashful about your store is not  going to help you in business.  Promote, promote, promote.


While the above are a good starting point of things to consider when starting an IncomeShops business, it is by no means complete.  The independent effort you put in to stocking your store with the right products, having the right content, and solid social media pages, along with taking the time to make sure you promote your store, will be the ultimate testament to success.  We hope you found this article informative, please direct any questions to salessupport@incomeshops.com.