8 Helpful Tips to Writing Search Engine Friendly Articles

There used to be a time on the internet when search engines were not quite as smart as they are today.  They were easily tricked by unscrupulous websites that crammed sites with “zillions” of popular but unrelated search terms and key words to trick the search engines into increasing their rankings.  Thankfully, those days are getting further and further behind us and search result relevance is improving.  So it’s all good.

In today’s world, legitimate businesses interested in being a “go to” resource for customers are highly focused on creating good, solid, and relevant content in a legitimate attempt to provide a unique and valuable experience for their customers.  A smart webmaster and business person knows that original content is just as important as the products or services listed on their sites.  Why?  Because unique, high-quality, and unduplicated content is a differentiator.  It helps you stand out. 

So remember, having articles about the products you carry gives your site a better chance of being ranked higher than just your products alone.  This is one of the reasons why we encourage our subscribers to keep updating their websites – daily if possible – with at least a paragraph or two of unique content of value to their visitors.  If you’re not comfortable with your writing skills, we have a service where we can write for you.  Search engines determine relevance and popularity by evaluating hundreds of ranking factors.  Here are some helpful tips you may wish to consider for your site:

  1. Know your audience.  Whatever you write should be tailored towards your visitors and the types of visitors you’re hoping to attract.  If you have a high-end boutique store, you’re probably going to be better suited writing articles with a sophisticated air, rather than a pedestrian tone and it should be regarding items, product, or topics that are relevant to the kind of visitor you’re trying to attract.  This doesn’t mean being complicated, pretentious or confusing, but clever, judicious and sanguine.

  2. Grab the reader’s attention.  The headlines, titles or subtitles you use should be provocative and eye catching. This will make your visitors more intrigued and increase the chances of them reading your article or blog post.
  3. Write articles that build trust.  Your experience, expertise and/or know how will be another differentiator separating you from other sites that sell similar material.
  4. Write for yourself first.  While writing for your audience is very important, make sure you’re happy with the subject matter and topics first.  Don't plagiarise and don't be patronising.  Trust your readers and give them all the support you can with articles that you find helpful yourself.
  5. Make use of keywords – your keywords are search terms; so ask yourself, “How would a potential customer search for products I carry in my store?”  Be careful not to put in so many keywords that you’ll be flagged as a spammer.  This is known as “keyword stuffing”.
  6. Create Internal Links – when you write new articles, try to appropriately link your stories etc. to previous articles you’ve written.  Get your site listed in directories and other industry journals.  External links will drive traffic, too.
  7. Use Headings and Subheadings – headings are a great way to provide longer articles structure.  They make it easier for you to write from an structural point of view, and of course, easier for your visitors to read.  They also help search engines understand the main ideas in your article.  It is also a good idea to some key words in sub-headings if you use them.
  8. Write 600 Word Articles – Google loves long articles, articles that are too short don’t get the same relevance as longer ones.  There are conflicting opinions on how long a “search engine friendly” article should be, but suffice to say, it should not be too short.  If you’ve read this far, you’ve read approximately 650 words or thereabouts.  Articles should be at least 300 words.

These are use some of the ideas you may want to consider.  We encourage you to keep promoting your site and making it a destination that visitors want to come back to again and again.  By writing useful and helpful articles, you will be on your way to building a valuable following.  We also recommend you read: "Blogging on IncomeShops."