Why not monetise your existing website?

Do you own a website already that just isn't earning?

Whether you’re trying to gain financially from your site or not, owning an IncomeShops store gives you an instant platform that can be bolted on to your existing website to maximize your earning potential. If you own a popular forum, or have a bustling blog, you can benefit from running an IncomeShops store.  It can match your existing website branding, look fully integrated with your site and will just give you a chance for your existing visitors to buy products relevent to your niche from big name retailers.

Also if you have a list of newsletter subscibers you could be emailing them about your new niche store and earning immediate commissions! Should you wish to, you can have the store hosted on a sub-domain of your existing website, ensuring the users do not know they have ever left your website. 

Plus we can match your existing design too...

You also will have the ability to pull in your website news feed on to your store, producing that “fully integrated” look, and plus you’ll be able to even pull in certain elements of your store on to your main website via a widget – giving you the chance to perhaps post a product on your main blog, which, when clicked, will earn you money.

We can ensure your Google Analytics and/or any existing Adsense that you already use is fully integrated, and our support team can help you with any ways you’d like to integrate further. Similarly, by selecting the graphical add-on when you're at our checkout, we can make your store look fully integrated with your existing design!