How Do I Get Paid?

How do I get my money and when will I get it?

How Do I Get Paid?

Once you own your store, you will be given access to some “affiliate networks”.  It is essential that you sign up to these, because by signing up to them, you will have access to hundreds of retailers, and then be able to download their products on to your stores. Since the affiliate network manage the data flow between your website and the retailers,  they will know how many visitors you have and much you have earned.  You will get paid directly from the affiliate network and NOT by IncomeShops.

When you sign up to the affiliate networks, you have the option of entering your details for payment.  You can get paid by cheque, by BACS, or by international wire (whichever is easiest for you). You can then login to your account any time you wish, and see how many visitors you’ve referred to each retailer on that day, see how many people purchased items, what they purchased, and how much commission you earned as a result.You will also have a cumulative figure of your monthly earnings, and you can get paid this figure at regular intervals of your choice (we recommend monthly).

What about the adverts?

If you opted to utilize the other income methods available to you, for example, Google Adsense, again you will be paid direct from Google and not via IncomeShops.  You will be able to establish your desired payment method and  frequency within the Adsense control panel. It is important to remember that IncomeShops provide you with the platform to make money and do not interfere with any payments you receive thereafter.  All money you make is 100% yours.  We do not take a cut or a commission, and you will earn everything that it says you will.