A few questions that we have been asked...

People often ask us a lot of questions, so here are a list of the top questions on our list. If you have one not answered below please do get in touch with us via our contact page....

Top Questions


I don’t know much about websites or Internet marketing – is this for me?

You are going to need to be comfortable using a computer for browsing the Internet, sending email and maybe using some of the social networks, like Facebook or Twitter. We are going to teach you everything you need to know, so as long as you are willing to learn new skills and happy to ask our team questions when you need some help, you will be fine.

What am I going to learn in your training?

You are going to learn lots and lots of very valuable skills in Internet marketing that you can use to drive traffic to your IncomeShops store or any other Website you may own. We are also going to make sure you are can whizz around your store software with ease with full video screencast tutorials. If you’re a complete novice, there is going to be a lot to learn, but it’s fun, not difficult and will help you earn money!

What do you offer in the way of support?

We have a dedicated support ticket centre and respond to all questions you may have as quickly as possible during normal working hours. An expert on our software will answer every question, so you’re in good hands.

I live outside of the UK and USA, can I have a store?

Absolutely! There is no restriction as to where you can run a store from IncomeShops and we have customers from all over the world. You will just be promoting the products to a UK or USA market respectively, the same as anyone from those 2 countries would be if they were running a store.

Will the software be updated?

We are constantly improving and upgrading the store software with innovative and useful features at no extra cost to our clients. We want to provide you with the industry leading affiliate software and that means evolving as new and exciting changes occur on the Internet.

How many hours work do I need to put into my store?

The beauty of IncomeShops is that you can work when you want and how often you want so there are no rules. You can work in the evenings whilst watching TV or during the day when you have some spare time. Obviously the more work you put in, the more money you earn!

Why would people come to my store and not just go directly to the retailers?

People don't just shop with big brands, hence the reason there are literally thousands of websites successfully selling products online. Shoppers use search engines to find products too and type in things like "Mens Brown Shoes" rather than just going directly to Amazon.com and searching there. Your store will also have the benefit of having multiple retailers all in one Website which saves your visitors time!

Is this a get rich quick scheme or a scam?

Sadly we do get asked this question sometimes. The answer is yes, this is one elaborate scam and all 3000 retailers throughout the USA and UK are in on it :-) Just kidding! IncomeShops charges a small monthly fee to use our powerful software to enable you to have a state of the art affiliate retail store in any niche you would like. When someone comes to your store, clicks on a buy now link and is taken to a retailer (through a special tracking link), you will earn a coomission on anything they buy, it's as simple as that.
You won't make lots of money overnight and it will take effort and work from you to make your store a success. So, we hope that's cleared that up!


Running the Store


Is there a minimum contract?

No, you can cancel your subscription to our software at anytime. We don't offer refunds however for previous months that have been paid for.

Do I get my own domain name?

If you purchase a pre-built store, you will get your own yourname.com or yourname.co.uk domain name free of charge! If you decide to buy a custom store, you will be able to get to work instantly as we will give you a yourname.incomeshops.com web-site address. However, if you then want to buy a domain name, you can do so, and then hook it up with your website no problem at all. Plus, through our partners you can get your domain name for one year for the discount price of £1!

How many retailers and products can I have?

Each store plan, Basic, Plus and Pro allows you to have a different amount of products and retailers in your store. You can also upgrade to a higher plan at anytime for complete flexibility.

Can I have more than one store?

Absolutely, many of our customers have more than one store in different niches as they couldn’t make up their mind which one was best! We might also offer you a special price for more than one store too, wink, wink (Hint - contact us).

Can I change the products and retailers within my store once I have bought it?

Yes! For example, if you had a store called DansSpecialOffers.com and started off selling some electrical items, then changed your mind and decided on sports gear, that’s no problem. Simply delete the products and retailers and replace them. Also, if you find a new retailer comes along who is paying more commission than one that you are using, you can simply swap them over to earn more.

Can I transfer the website anywhere else?

No, unfortunately not. In order to use the software you will need to be hosted with us, however, do remember that the domain name is yours, and if you ever cancel the service, you are free to do whatever you want with your domain name.

Will I be the owner of the Website?

You will always be the owner of the domain name ie: 'www.whateveryouchoose.com' so you can use it whatever way you wish. We are simply providing you with our powerful software for a monthly fee and attaching it to your chosen website address. If for some reason you want to sell your domain name, you can.

Does it cost anything to join the retailers affiliate programs?

No, nothing at all. However, they will often want to have a quick look at your website just to make sure it is a suitable place for their products to be promoted.


Payment and money


What are my start up costs?

You can own a store from as little as £19.95 per month! The only thing you'll need to do is place a deposit of £5 which gives you the access to use banners and product downloads from hundreds of retailers, and then, if you purchased a custom store and you want your own domain name (rather than the default one we give you), you can buy this for just £1! That is it, there are no other costs! You can add-on our graphics package and articles package when you sign up for the store, but these are entirely optional.

Why are your stores so inexpensive?

Our software is offered as SaaS (Software as a Service), which means you benefit from software that would costs hundreds of thousands to produce yourself but for a small monthly subscription. You can go at your own pace without feeling the pressure to financially claw back a four-figure sum that some other companies charge!

How do I get paid?

All of your products on your website belong to various retailers, and the retailers belong to an "affiliate network". This is the place where all the products and retailers that you are promoting are managed. You'll be given a login where you can view the reports as to how much money you've made, how many sales you've had, and what they have purchased. Your total commissions made will be visible on your store dashboard, and you can choose to be paid, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly by bank transfer, cheque, or even international wire.

What do I get for my monthly subscription?

You will gain access to our powerful affiliate store software, where you can control your website completely. You will also have your website hosted on a super fast server that has daily backups, and 99% uptime. Also you have the ability to contact our dedicated support team, who can help you if you ever have a problem.

Do I keep all the commission?

Yes! All commissions made by your IncomeShops store is all yours.

What if for some reason I want a refund?

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you had hoped, we understand that so we offer a full refund within 7 days if you find this business is not for you for some reason. If you have ordered a custom store design however, we cannot refund this. You can also stop your subscription at anytime to our software but we do not offer a refund on your subscription.

Will I have to pay tax?

We would advise you speak to an accountant about this issue as it depends largely on your current status and earnings. However there is no requirement to be a limited company or (LLC in the USA) in order to own a store from IncomeShops.

Will the retailers pay people who live abroad?

Yes. If you are driving traffic and sales to retailers they will happily pay you a commission regardless of where you are based.

What are the most profitable niches?

That’s a hugely loaded question but we can hopefully offer you some guidance on this. Firstly we would advise going for a niche you have some knowledge of or an interest in at least as this makes the store more fun to own and work on. Secondly, don’t go big and wide, go small and niche as it will be easier to get traffic to your website if you are quite focused ie. Fishing, women’s shoes, children’s shoes, chairs, kitchen utensils etc. Don’t try and be the next Amazon! You would be better off having 2 stores from us in 2 niches than having one big one that sells everything (plus we will give you a fantastic price on your second store).