Example Store

See our Demo of a working IncomeShops store

To get an idea of what an IncomeShops store looks like, and how it operates, check out our demo of an IncomeShops store below.  This gives you an example of a typical store that we that can create for you. 

So what do you get with an IncomeShops store? Check out our feature list...

You can see other stores we have created for clients here.

Be up and running with your affiliate store in minutes...

Sign up to IncomeShops now, and you'll get your store within two minutes at anytime of the day or night, fully loaded with products for your chosen niche!

Clear instructions on what to do...

We'll email you a welcome pack that shows you exactly how to use the store software and how to get up and running fast! You can then get yourself a domain name of your choice and link it up to your store.

We only use superfast secure servers with 99% guaranteed uptime.

Your IncomeShops site will be hosted on a super fast and robust Dell PowerEdge server, with Intel Xeon processors and powerful Dell EqualLogic RAID-50 tiered storage ensureing your websites purrs like a well oiled engine.

Keeping your site safe

IncomeShops back up your website every night, so if anything bad happens, we'll always have a copy of your site that we can restore for you so nothing gets lost.

Drag and drop functionality

Controlling your store is easy with our intuitive system. It's just a case of ticking all the right boxes and dragging and dropping. You can change the colour scheme of your site quickly and easily, change the logo font, or upload your own image logo. Our team can also make your website stand out from the crowd with a stunning custom design too.

Make a slideshow

Easily highlight featured products or categories of your store by creating banners and uploading them to your store to produce a homepage slideshow.

Fill your store with big brand products from over 1,200 retailers

Join retailer affiliate programs and then import the products into your store in minutes. You have complete control as to what products you have and from what retailers.

Products and price automatically updated

Your products will update every night, meaning there is no chance that your site will show any old prices, images or descriptions.

Adding content is easy

Fill your store with blog posts and articles using our simple WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface and attract traffic to your store.

Automated news with RSS feeds

Add fresh content to your website using RSS news feeds(only available on Plus and Pro Plans)

Connect with visitors using social networks

Simply enter your Facebook Page and Twitter Account into the store admin and encourage users to Like your page, and show who is else loves your site. Display your tweets and get people to follow you on Twitter!

Add YouTube videos with a click of a button

We've made it simple to pop in YouTube videos throughout your website. Show product reviews, highlight best selling products, or educate your visitors, it's upto you!

Our stores look great on all devices

Every IncomeShops site is responsive and looks great on PC's, MAC's, Laptops, Tablets and Mobiles  to make sure you don't miss out on any commissions.

Your store becomes an App!

When an iPhone users visits your store they get the full app experience and can easily add your website as a shortcut right on their homescreen helping you to get more visitors and repeat commissions.

You get an education in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

We use one of the webs foremost experts in traffic and conversion to teach you how to get tons of free traffic to your IncomeShops store. Neil Patel (who The Wall Street Journal named as one of the top influencers on the web) has helped Amazon, eBay, Dell and AOL acheive more traffic and now he will show you with his full SEO course worth £150.

Powerful tools to optimise your store for maximum traffic

Ever wondered which parts of your site need fine-tuning? Our optimisation dashboard gives you a quick overview of where you need to add content to your website to attract more visitors from the search engines.

Watch our tutorial videos

Although we think that running your website is as easy as 1 2 3, we'll teach you exactly what to do with our screen capture videos. IncomeShops has created hours of training and video tutorials so anyone can learn how to make the most out of the powerful store software. Should you need support though, our staff are always nearby…

Friendly technical support when you need it

Our technical team operate a no-jargon policy and will never bombard you with words that you don't understand. Our philosophy is too keep things simple and our team are always keeen to help new or experienced website owners.

Built for multiple revenue streams

IncomeShops stores are designed to make money from your visitors and it's not just the products that can earn you money, You can earn from Google Adsense, affiliate banners, and automatically convert words you write into ads with Skimlinks too.

Check your earnings anytime

Login to your affiliate network accounts to quickly see how much your store has made you and see when your next commission check is coming. Find out how many clicks and sales you have generated and which retailers are paying you the most commission.