Customer Reviews

Some very happy IncomeShops Customers...

We love to hear the opinions of the customers who use our services. It's a great way to regularly gauge opinion on our product, as well as using it to make our offering even better. The following reviews are genuine testimonials from existing customers of our stores!


"Jo gets back to me quickly with immediate results and answers. I'm very pleased. She is patient with me because it's hard for me to get right back to her!"
Linda Watson


"Customer Support at have been very helpful and manageable, my first ticket with this issue and customer support in a timely matter gave me a response and resolve the problem, I am very pleased with the help they are offering me. Great.."
Roger Mejia


"Since I have signed up for the programme I think the support I am getting from the IncomeShops team are very excellent every time I am sending the ticket for any issues, I get a prompt reply with a lots of tips and help overall the service and support are great. Thank you!"
Pasqualino Ricciardi


"Excellent! I love the products in the middle of the pages. I'm able to place the sales on the left and right sides of it. I have just included the links that are advertisements that can make money [Adsense]. I've looked through all the content and am very excited. Looking forward to a prosperous year."
Janice Jones


"Nobody really knows how happy I am that I finally have my own website. I'm working with a team of experts that are extremely patient, and helpful. I have business cards to give to lots of people. It is wonderful that I'm connected to Twitter, and Facebook. I'm checking out Google Analytics. I love the way everything is setup. Thank you!"
Bushra Mahmood


"At the moment I have asked many questions, and I think that you have done excellent so far, I have asked you to go into my accounts and you have done this without question and have actioned everything for me in a efficient manner, the response time is great you have answered all questions in great detail and more, and have helped me in all aspects of setting up the website!"
Chris Cole


"It was good to find out about new developments, eg: moving products between categories. Support member, very helpful - thanks - useful advice and tips."
Sharon Langford


"I decided to go for a niche store the support I have received from the team is outstanding! They are so helpful and efficient and they reply to all tickets very quickly. I also speak to John on live chat he is also very helpful with my queries. I honestly could not have done this without the support from the team."
Ruby Sarwar


"I have always been a little skeptical about programmes such as this, but after seeing it advertised, I recently purchased my own store. However, it is fantastic and very straight forward to learn the basics. I am working through my training videos and after each section my website becomes better and better. Truly brilliant.."
David Hinde


"I bought a store a few weeks ago after a friend told me about them. I was a little worried that it would be too complicated. Well a few weeks on and I can tell you I have learned lots and had fun doing it. I love my shop and am just about to get the team to upgrade it with a nice design - I've found them to be very helpful and often available on live chat!"
Elizabeth Holzer


"I am on a Basic Plan of $29.95 a month. After the fifth week, someone placed an order for $1210 of which I got $95! This already has helped to pay for my next month so am v v pleased I am found the videos to be very easy to follow, and I've always been helped by the support staff whenevr I've had issues."
Cecil Martin


"5 Stars. You have been excellent. Your time, patience and expertise have really been exceptional. The video samples that you email me are very helpful. I am very greatful. It is truly a pleasure to work with it and all of you. I have always wanted my own website. Thank you so very much for all your help."
Gayle Stoute


"As usual, when I have any type of problem - which are not so much problems as initial teething troubles as I get to grips with building the website, I do get very good support from your team. Thank you for all of your patience, help, and understanding"
Regina Clayton


"I'm getting a reasonable amount of traffic to my store and the commissions are almost daily coming mostly from just 2 retailers. I work full time so I only have a few hours to do this in the evening and then if I get some spare time on the weekend. The training has been good and has recently been improved in terms of following it in a logical fashion."
Darius Treleven


"Great articles, a real good starting point for my website! Only thing I will say is that I had to correct a few spelling mistakes. Overall very happy ."
Claire Starr


"It's by far the best customer service I've had the pleasure of dealing with regarding internet based businesses. "
Stephen Fish


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