Choosing A Plan

A little bit of help and advice....

Not too sure which Plan to go for, or have some questions about which Product Packs you should be loading in to your website. Our simple list of questions here should hopefully help...

Top questions about choosing a Plan & Product Pack


What is the difference between the Basic, Plus, Pro or Premium plans?

The differences between each plan can be seen clicking this link - there is a variation on the number of products that you are allowed in your store depending on which you choose.  With a Basic Plan you are allowed to insert up to 500 products in to your store.  With the Plus and Pro stores, you get up to 2,000 and 5,000 products respectively.  With the Premium Plan however, there is no limit, and you're allowed to download as many products as you like to your store!  With all plans apart from Basic, you get LIVE CHAT support in your store administration area, which will allow you to speak directly to our technical team should you encounter any problems!  Also, one thing you do not get with our Basic Plan is a mobile app, which can allow your store to be downloaded as an app to users iPhones - these come as standard on the Plus, Pro and Premium plans.

What is a Product Pack?

When you create your store, you must select at least one "Product Pack".  A Product Pack is a selection of products for a particular category, which we will fill your store with the moment you buy it.  Each product pack contains up to 500 products.  Therefore, this means that with the Basic Plan, you can only load up to one product pack in to your store when creating it (ie: 500 products).  With the Plus Plan you can choose four packs (2,000 products), and with the Pro Plan you can choose up to ten (5,000) products!  Each product pack has a number of related products all categorised nicely into appropriate sections of your site.

Why can I only choose ten product packs with Premium?

With a Premium Plan store from IncomeShops, you can have as many products as you wish, however, when setting up the store, we allow you to import a maximum of ten product packs.  The reason for this is solely so you can keep your store manageable from the start.  Otherwise you'll have too many categories to manage.  You will however be able to download as many products as you wish once you have access to your store administration system, and you'll be able to organise them how you wish!

Can I change my products once they are loaded in?

Of course! The beauty of our system is that you can change your products at any given time! If for example you are on a Basic Plan, and you choose to populate your store with a Dogs product pack, and later you decide you want to have cat products too - you can easily add cat products.  You are not tied to the product pack you select, the product pack is merely there populate your store initially.  You are free to change the individual products on your store as and when you like!

Why would I select separate product packs for Dogs, Cats, Small Pets, Aquariums, and Reptiles when I can just select "Animals & Pets"?

Remember, one Product Pack is equal to 500 products.  Therefore, although you can select a general product pack such as Animals and Pets, you will only get 500 products.  It will not give you as many products as selecting the individual product packs.  Remember however, the product packs are solely for installation purposes - so as soon as you own your store, you can be free to chop and change as much as you like.  It is worth remembering that in order to attract traffic to your website, Google wants your website to be full of useful content articles (as well as products), so keep in mind that you'll need to write or source articles about the products that you download.

Which Product Packs should I go for?

Many people believe that selecting lots of product packs in lots of different sections (pets, electronics, clothing, health, good etc), is the way to success.  Whilst you can be forgiven for thinking that a large range of products would mean more visitors due to a larger range of products, this sadly is not the case.  Google loves a website which provides useful information to the user.  As well as a good selection of products, your website will need to contain focused written content on each category page of your website - content that is original and authentic.  Once this has been done, your site could soon be seen by the search engines as THE go-to place for unique information and products on a particular subject, and therefore they will rank you higher as a result.  By choosing a large number of different product packs in overly varied categories, you will be diluting the good content of your website.

Which Product packs are the most profitable?

IncomeShops does not store data about which type of products will provide the most commission - we do however have commission rates and much more information in our retailer directory.  Furniture has been declared a very popular niche by some of our users, mainly due to the high-priced items on sale - meaning individual sales can result in considerable amounts of commission!  Similarly, products which are on sale from general department store retailers are also very lucrative.  The reason for this is that, even if the user does not buy anything immediately - if they purchase from the store within 30 days, you will get the commission - regardless of what the item is (as you were the last person to send them).  We recently had a situation where one site owner who owns a site on lighting, sent a customer looking for a lamp to a large online department store.  Although they didn't buy anything, 14 days later they went back (directly) to the store in question, and purchased a home cinema system, for which they received a large chunk of commission!