What type of store would you like?

You can build your own, or choose from a number of pre-designed stores that we've created!

You should pick this option if... You should pick this option if...
You know what you want to call your store You don't know what you want to call your store
You know what products you want included You need ideas about what products to go for
You know what colour scheme you want You don't really know what colour scheme to use

Whichever option you choose, your store will cost the same.
You will also get...

Easy Store Setup

Setup won't take you long, and you are guided every step of way. It's just a case of following our video training! Of course, if you need help, you can just ask us! It's very simple to do & signing up to the retailers is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Expert Video Training

Every single section of our software is covered by a tutorial video, meaning you'll never ever get stuck again. Watch the video, and do the same on your site. You can pause the video, rewind, fast forward - it's really simple to use!

Social Media Ready

Integrate your site into social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter quickly and easily. Communicate with your users quickly & easily. You can also get your tweets and Facebook posts on to your page with ease!

Mobile Website

Anyone visiting your site on a mobile will get a perfect version for their handset. It'll look fantastic every time, whether you're on an iPhone, a Windows Phone, a Blackberry or an Android - plus, and it's very easy to navigate too.

Email Forwarders

Have your own yourname@TickTockWatchShop.co.uk email address - look professional, and build your brand. Email your visitors and look like a real business. You can use this email address for your newsletter too - and mail out offers and discounts regularly.

Easy to Use System

Our system is easy to use, it's just a case of dragging & dropping. If you can use a computer, then you can definitely use IncomeShops! It's just a case of ticking boxes, entering content and clicking Save. Plus download products is childs play.