Categories Created and Optimised

By our expert in house team

Give your site an SEO Edge with unique categories & articles!

Are you struggling for ideas, running short of time, or are you finding you are just taking too long with the articles you are writing? Maybe you're unsure what categories you should be putting on your website? IncomeShops can help!

We have a team of category makers and article writers that can assist with writing articles for your category pages on your website. All categories will be relevant, stacked full of great products, and have 400 word articles on them to help bring in extra visitors from Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and all starting at just  £149.95!


Why Do I Need Articles on my Categories?

Having articles on each of your category pages plays a big part of making your website search engine friendly. Without articles, your website will simply be a list of products, and when Google spiders your site, it won't see anything it hasn't seen before - so why should it rank you any higher than anyone else? Having unique content on each category page ensures Google and other search engines not only classify your page correctly, but also ensures you score more points than the rest - giving you a better chance of outranking your competitors! Here's what you'll get.... 

What if I Just Want Articles?

No problem, we can help! You may be in a position where you have got your categories just the way you want them, but you simply haven't the time to write the articles. In that case, we can do them for you. We have six separate packages, and you can order these as frequently as you like! Simply click the relevant button below to get started...

5 ARTICLES (£59.95)   10 ARTICLES (£79.95)   15 ARTICLES (£99.95)

20 ARTICLES (£139.95)   25 ARTICLES (£159.95)   30 ARTICLES (£179.95)