What is Affiliate Marketing?

How does it track the customers I send?

What Is Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is big business.  In the UK major brands such as Confused.com, MoneySupermarket and Lastminute.com are massive “affiliates” that make money through promoting third party products or services.  In the US, LendingTree, The General, are examples, but even brands like Better Homes & Gardens leverage affilate marketing on their websites.  When somene visits an affiliate website and buys a product or service, the provider the services pays a percentage of the total order value in return for sending the sale to them. Affiliate marketing is a great way for retailers to get more people to promote their products.  It’s a win-win situation where they get more sales, and the affiliate (you) can make money out of it too.  

This is exactly how IncomeShops works.  Our platform allows you to feature thousands of products from retailers that are willing to pay you for sending them business!  Your store will feature dedicated categories with a broad selection of related products from a variety or retailers, and no matter which product visitors select, you will benefit from getting the commission should they decide to buy.

How Are Sales Tracked?


When a user visits your website and clicks on a product or banner, a small file (called a “cookie”) is dropped on to their computer.  If the user then decides to buy that product, when they checkout, on the receipt page of a retailer is a small bit of web code which will look for any cookies on the users computer.  If it sees that your cookie is there, it will then pass all transaction data from the order to the affiliate network that the retailer belongs to. The order info will then be added to your account with the affiliate network, crediting you with the sale  and related commissions.  All cookies have an expiry date (usually thirty days after it is first placed).  When the expiry date passes, the file will be deleted from the users’ computer.

What if the user purchases other products from the retailer?

The cookie that is placed on the user’s computer is not product specific.  This means you will get commission for whole orders, not only the product that a user selected on your side initially.  Anything that is bought by the customer from the retailer while the cookie is active will be credited to you.  

What if the retailer leaves the affiliate network or stops trading?

This seldom happens, but if it does, you can simply remove the products from this specific retailer within the Admin system of your store.  You are then welcomed to add any other retailers you like.  You will never lose any money that you’ve generated from that retailer.  It is always a good idea to keep your store's products relevant, fresh, and updated.