Press Release

Press Release
Let IncomeShops write your Press Releases! The pieces we write can be distributed via various PR distribution services, helping to encourage visitors to your site. They are written professionally, and concisely, and will help get your website get visitors but also rank in Google!


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What you get with the Press Release pack


A press release is a fantastic way of getting your site noticed, not only by potential visitors, but also by Google, who will realise that numerous sites are linking back to your website via high quality authentic news articles!

Press releases are ideal for giving your website a high profile. Original and authentic pieces, intermingled with natural links back to your store can help to give your brand an SEO boost, whilst allowing the reader to find out about your website. We'll make sure the Press Release has the right angle for whichever area of your website you wish to target, we'll make sure it is natural, has a good use of English, and is also well prepared to be sent to some of best and widely trusted news sites!

Allow IncomeShops to write your Press Releases for you, and start to gather some momentum in the search engines today!